Open Fresh Air Venue during Covid times


In these times of social distancing, good air flow, and safer restaurant practices, Coast is THE location for better Covid-19 practices. Host your event or make a booking with us because we can provide:

  • Wide-open areas
  • Fresh air flow in our al fresco venue
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Minimal contact with others and our staff 
    • QR codes make it easy to view our menus, no touching or sanitation required!
    • Grab your drink directly from the bartop, no unnecessary staff touchpoints 
    • Order at the counter, we deliver to your table with only one touchpoint between the chef and your table
  • Multiple santiser stations around the venue and at highly trafficked areas (bar, food counter, check in table, etc)
  • Our staff are Covid-19 Hygiene trained and our managers are Covid Officers

Behind the scenes: we are ready to enact staffing protocols (separate teams, no cross-group interaction) to minimize opportunities for our whole staff or all patrons to become potential close contacts in case of Covid community spread at Coast.
We take your safety and the safety of our staff very seriously and want to ensure that in the worst case scenario– we are able to limit the number of close contacts of any potential guest or staff cases by rotating who works together on set shifts.

Open Hours

Thursday - Monday

11am - late (Kitchen 12pm - 7pm)

Tuesday & Wednesday