Yoga Coast

Join us for one huge yoga session with Chloe Potter in our beautiful Port Beach reception centre the Boathouse overlooking the dunes. SOLD OUT

L O V E F U L L M O O N + blue moon in Scorpio

Sunday 19th May 4pm-7pm


• yoga for everyone

• meditation

• intention setting

• letting go journaling

• write your love story session

• self love healing + aromatherapy Melis Perfume founder

• fire ceremony

• rose quartz charged + infused tea

• love raw desserts + light refreshments

• gift bag-Face Halo modern makeup remover

• gift bag-Ere Perez vegan jojoba eye pencil

• gift bag-Olio E Osso lustero body oil

• gift bag-rose quartz blessed + cleansed crystal pendant

• gift bag-Melis Natural Purfume $20 voucher

• gift bag-Journal + pen

• love cold pressed juice by Inner Ego

Join us for a very special LOVE full moon event. Yes that’s right, we are going to open you up to self love, check in on romantic love & address the platonic love scene.

Together we will let go of those badass bad love vibes & let in alllll the amazing, fresh, new & totally addictive L O V E into your life baby!! Get ready to swim & drown in a LUURRRVE full moon.

May blue full Moon in Scorpio creates the need to look at where your currently standing & honestly and authentically face your true desires of what it is you really want? Shallow connections won’t do for you, you’ll be looking deeper & cleansing what is no longer serving you. It’s a time to question if your relationships are healthy or toxic? And this includes the relationship you have with yourself. Can the negativity be transformed, or is it time to make a clean break? Whatever your issue is, the answer will be to embrace the new. This is the perfect time to imagine your life, get your pen out & write a new love story.

Can you tell? there’s going to be a lot of LOVE in the room!! This event is open to everyone who wants more LOVE in their life.