8 Tips to Organise a Successful Event

Organising and hosting a successful event, be it for a wedding, birthday party or a corporate event, can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. Here at Coast Port Beach we want to make things as easy as possible, with these 8 tips we can help you ensure that your planning and event run smoothly and allow you to celebrate your occasion the way you want.

1.Decide on a budget

Unfortunately, we don’t all have an endless bank account that enable us to throw lavish parties, we’re adults with bills and mortgages that, sadly, don’t stop just because it’s our Birthday or we got engaged. So, when it comes to throwing a successful event, task number one is to decide what you can afford to spend on it. Hard truths need to be considered at this stage, be realistic and work out what you can honestly afford. Going beyond your means for an event or wedding can lead to regrets and stress which you will still be dealing with after the event has come and gone. Imagine spending the whole night stressing about how much you spent instead of enjoying your night!  

This step is something that you will need to keep in check of the entire way through your party planning. If your budget is starting to get tight, then it’s time to rethink things. Can you have a two-tier cake instead of three? Do you truly need that ice sculpture of you and your fiancé? Would you be just as happy with a cheaper alcohol package? 

Having an amazing party or wedding is great and something you’ll be able to look back on for years to come, however, not adding debt and money stress to that memory is just as important. Think of future you.

2. List your non-negotiables

This is the stage where you can let your imagination run wild before you need to reel it back in again. What are the things that you would not have your event without? Do you have to have a sit-down wedding? Have you always dreamt of a particular designer wedding dress? Do you want a photographer at your event all night long for those in the moment dancefloor shots? These are the things that make your event special to you. Some of your non-negotiables will mean you need to scale back things that aren’t as important, for example, you may want to have spirits available on your bar tab, but it means you have to choose a cheaper food option. Or maybe you couldn’t imagine not having your interstate parents at your wedding and needing to pay for them to fly in.  

These non-negotiables come before all other decisions and mean that if you can’t fit all your non-negotiables into your budget, then maybe you need to push back your date. If you need to wait an extra 6 more months to be able to afford them all, then so be it! And remember, these are your non-negotiables, friends and family don’t have to agree with you! 

3. Make your guest list

This one can get tricky. Most of the time, the more the merrier, however that’s not applicable to every type of event. Sometimes an intimate gathering is all you want or can afford. Or maybe you’re throwing a wedding and your fiancé has 17 aunties and uncles plus cousins that must all be invited. Guest lists often become the second most stressful part of planning an event, after the budget of course.   

Choosing a guest list can mean making some tough cuts. Think about what friendship/family dynamics work best and will make the event fun and easy. But also think about your lasting relationships and if not inviting certain people will hurt you in the long run.  

Here at Coast Port Beach, we have a maximum capacity of 1000, so you’ll never have to make awkward cuts to your guest list. And if budget space isn’t an issue, let your Mum invite who they want instead of pushing back -it’ll be easier in the long run! 

4. Choose your theme

Now this doesn’t necessarily mean deciding to go all Star Wars and busting out Lightsabers (unless you want too of course!). Choosing a theme means deciding what you want your event to look like. What’s your vision for the event? Do you imagine a night-time event with the sound of the ocean waves crashing in the background or do you want something during the day with more of a summery garden party vibe? When you know your theme or vibe it will be much easier to start the planning.  

Coast Port Beach features 5 dedicated function space within our venue. Each with their own features and atmosphere, the Boathouse, Quarterdeck, Cargo Bar, Cargo Terrace, and East Coast Garden, all present spectacular ocean views within difference function spaces. Alternatively, hire the entire venue for access to all spaces and a huge 1000 person maximum.  

5. Choose your venue

When you’ve decided to host your event at a venue the last thing you want to do is to start googling “venue hire Perth “. Your search will result in a myriad of venues, none of which come close to what you imagined in your vision for your perfect event.  

Here at Coast Port Beach, we can cater for a wide variety of events. From baby showers and birthdays in our casual beer garden, to weddings and corporate functions in our restaurant, no matter which space you’re after you’ll have spectacular views overlooking the beautiful ocean. Port Coast Beach truly is a versatile and memorable venue here in Perth. With a capacity of up to 1000, there really are no limits to the type of events we can host. 

6. Track it

Keeping track of your event planning and budget is imperative for a successful event -and a sound mind!  Throwing events can become overwhelming fast so having things written down means you’ll be able to drop all of your wedding or party mental load. By Keeping all your budget, contacts, guest lists and payment dates in a document online means you’ll avoid waking up in the middle of the night because you can’t remember when you need to pay the photographer. 

7. Food: sit down or stand up?

Often it is assumed that throwing a cocktail function as opposed to a sit-down function is cheaper, but this is often not the case. When you are serving 8-10 canapés at $7 each it adds up quickly and can outprice the option of a sit-down menu. 

However, when you are having a casual or networking event, a sit-down menu is just not appropriate or functional. Try to remember what style of event you’re throwing and what type of food your guests would prefer. 

Check out our functions menu to see the packages Coast Port Beach have!  

8. Alcohol, on consumption or package?

When it comes to hosting events at a licensed venue, you will generally have to rely on the beverages offered by your venue. Most venues will offer a beverage package which is charged per person, per hour or will offer beverages on consumption. There’s no clear answer as to which option is best, it depends entirely on your type of event and most importantly your guests.  

If you’re hosting a wedding or birthday party, generally a beverage package will be best. This removes the unknown element of how much the beverage invoice will be the next day. However, a corporate event on a Thursday afternoon for 3 hours would probably suit an on-consumption basis as the guests in attendance will be wanting to network and stay coherent. As always, you need to consider the guests you’re inviting to your event. If your wedding is mostly family over the age of 50 then maybe an on-consumption package is the way to go. 

Coast Port Beach offers various drinks packages with a variety of drinks and venue hire options to suit your event and most importantly your budget! You can also rely on Coast Port Beach to adhere to the responsible service of alcohol laws. 

When looking for venue hire for your next Perth party look no further than Coast Port Beach. Coast Port Beach features plenty of parking, access to public transport and friendly staff. There is no limit to the type of event and party we can host, from casual get togethers, big concerts, product launches, corporate functions and big weddings, Coast Port Beach has all you need and more to excite your guests. 

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