Awesome Ways to Spice Up Your Wedding Reception

This comes as no surprise, but here at Coast Port Beach, we’ve seen our fair share of luxurious Perth beach weddings.


With that being said, we have obviously seen couples pull out all the stops, and almost every wedding trend in the book. 

From those Instagram-style doughnut walls to mason jars, it’s the out-of-the-box ideas for weddings in Perth that leave people talking for days on end. Today, we wanted to explore some quirky and cool ideas that you can do to spice up your Perth wedding reception. Let us know what you think, and we would love to hear some of your ideas too!

  • At the wedding, get your dog to be the ring bearer: We had to add this one because all of us here at Coast are dog lovers. We have seen some couples use their well-behaved dogs to serve as their ring bearer. Imagine having your guests enthralled by the site of your pooch being there for your beachside ceremony. Everyone will fall in love.
  • Give away personalised wine bottles: Have you heard of white label wine? It is where you can either place your own branding on the bottle, or you can personalise the bottles to match the guest’s name. We love the idea of printing your own wine bottle labels that are in theme with the wedding, and serving guests with amazing local wines. Guests won’t stop talking about their special gift. 
  • Hire a photo booth: These days, we would argue that photo booths are mandatory at wedding receptions in Perth. We’re not talking about an expensive, big budget photo booth with a professional camera. We are talking about those affordable ones you see at a Perth shopping centre. Everyone gets two reels of photos, one for you to keep and one for them to bring home. If you can have props nearby, then that is even better. As the night progresses, we imagine that these photos will only get sillier. 
  • Decorate with paper lanterns: It’s not always the expensive things that make an impact. We have hosted a few receptions where couples include little lanterns on the night. Furthermore, you can choose to set them off into the sky. Have all of your guests write a note on their paper lantern, and their wishes will rise into the heavens along with the lantern.
  • Service drinks before the food: Everyone is going to be hungry and impatient to sit, but perhaps the bride and groom don’t want to rush. Instead of making everyone wait, have drinks on hand for all the guests to sip on as soon as they reach the reception venue in Perth. 
  • Ensure you have place cards ready: Everyone likes to be acknowledged with a little keepsake place card. You can even choose to write a simple note on each of the place cards, and place them by each guest to thank them for attending. 


A beachside reception just a few steps away


Coast Port Beach offers a spectacular setting for on-the-beach weddings – and your stunning reception later.

Let us paint a beautiful scene for you! After enjoying a delightful beach ceremony, you can then relax in our Beach Club before moving to our reception centre, all just a few steps away from the beach.

All this is slowly taking place as our gorgeous Perth sun begins to set. You can choose to take a stroll down to the beach for your wedding photos – against a magnificent backdrop that’s heaven-sent. Our expert event planners in Perth will make sure every need and desire is catered for to ensure you enjoy beach wedding reception perfection.

Secure a wedding reception at Coast Port Beach. email us today with your date preferences and say ‘I do’ to the wedding of your dreams. 

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