Gather Your Mates: Here are 4 Reasons to Try a Bottomless Brunch in Perth

Classically, a brunch was that sweet spot in our day that sat comfortably in-between breakfast and lunch. Hence the hybrid, ‘brunch’. It was a frequent Sunday occurrence that included eggs, toast and maybe even some pancakes.

In today’s context, add some free-flowing bubbles into the mix, and now you’ve got a Bottomless Brunch !

What was once a lazy Sunday experience, is now a vibrant social outing that includes food, cocktails and plenty of laughter to go around.

A Bottomless Brunch has become a new go-to activity for the folks in Perth. With that being said, here is why we reckon you should consider making your way to our Bottomless Brunch on your next off-weekend!

#1 It’s a great weekend add-on

Whether you choose to be inside or outside, a Bottomless Brunch will suit whatever you are feeling that day. It is a great way to kick back and relax. You have nothing but time on your hands, and with more time and drinks on tap, you can truly get lost in conversation. A bonus at Coast Port Beach is that the backdrop includes oceanic views…what better way to spend daylight hours?

#2 Now is your chance to see what all the hype is about

How often have your colleagues or mates spoken about their weekend excursion to a Bottomless Brunch? How about a friend in a different city who keeps raving about them? Now, in the lead up to summer, is the best time to try out a Bottomless Brunch in Perth for yourself. With a fixed price you get to enjoy free-flowing drinks and a hearty meal. The question remains, where do we sign?

#3 Savour the sun – daytime is the new nighttime!

Perth is iconic for our sunshine. So, doesn’t it make sense to savour that sun with a toast with your best mates? We think so. A Bottomless Brunch lets you soak in some sunlight hours, so you end up making the most out of your day.  

#4 It’s a cost-effective outing

How often can you do a slightly fancier outing with your friends, that involves food AND alcohol, and is priced at a reasonable $70 per person? Sounds like a far-reaching concept, right? Wrong…In fact, that is exactly what you will be paying if you book a Bottomless Brunch at Coast Port Beach. We don’t know about you, but a normal night out with alcohol usually tallies up to a higher price than that! We consider this a win.

Now finally, our top tip: Remember to stay hydrated, especially if you are placed outside. This goes without saying – drink plenty of water!

Anyway, are you ready to plan your next weekend outing at our Bottomless Brunch? Then, be sure to make a reservation right away.

Open Hours


Wednesday To Sunday

bar: 11:30AM - Late
Kitchen: 12PM - 3PM, 5PM - 8:00PM (depends on the night)

Monday - Tuesday



nestled in the dunes of north fremantle, only 5 minutes drive from the fremantle market and iconic cottesloe, coast port beach is one of the best fremantle beachfront restaurants and bars with breathtaking panoramic views of the indian ocean.