Planning a Party? Here are a Few Event Planning Tips to Help You Get Started

Whatever event you have planned, you deserve to enjoy it without the hassle.


There is a lot that goes into a successful event, and planning it well can save you a lot of headache down the road. Whether we are talking birthday parties, anniversary events, baby showers, weddings, engagement parties, charity luncheons, a well-planned event holds its weight in gold.

It’s time to go all out with a well-planned event at Coast Port Beach. Are you ready? Then let’s roll up our sleeves and get to planning!




Alright, so it’s just over a month before the event, now is the time to pick out the logistics, so that you aren’t in a rush closer to the date.

With the extra time before the big day, you can guarantee that you’ll have a relatively hassle-free event:

Choose the date: The ideal day for an evening event is over the weekend. Otherwise we find that Wednesdays and Fridays are good options too. This is a common timeframe for socialising, and it ensures that your guests will be available. If your event is time sensitive to a particular day (e.g. Christmas or International Women’s Day) then you will want to secure a date within that month to make it relevant.

Pick the venue: This one’s a no-brainer because you are obviously going to have it here at Coast Port Beach! We have options for intimate, medium-size and even larger gatherings. Remember, we are a preferred venue hire location in Perth, so make your bookings promptly.

Guest list / Invite list: Who’s on the guest list? Or if the event is going to be ticketed, who is going to make that email blast out list? We recommend that you create a master list of all the guests you want to be invited to your event so you won’t forget anyone. Will you event have guests of honour or VIPs? Add them in. 

Send out the invites: So you have locked in the venue and you know what date you will have your event, now it is time to send out those event invites. You can choose to opt for a Facebook invite blast, an email campaign or personally calling up people to ask them to come. The choice is yours.




So now you are a few weeks away from the party. The countdown starts NOW! The event is literally over the horizon, you will need to plan those finer details to ensure your event is more than just a ‘save the date’.

Food – How are you going to feed your guests? A buffet is the simpliest choice for serving food. You can serve canapes for guests to nibble on while waiting for dinner to be served. Otherwise, you can pre-order from the al la carte menu or go with one of our packages! You can ask us about this when you get in touch.

Decorations – Luckily with a venue like Coast, our literal backdrop is enough decoration. But if you have a theme, it is easier to decorate by matching the deco with it.

Entertainment and games – How is everyone going to spend the night? We recommend that you prepare some activities and lightly competitive games to keep your event going guests entertained. Consider a DJ as well to pump up the crowd.

Anyway, are you ready to plan that stellar event, gathering, gala dinner or party of yours? We can’t wait to help you get started. Then, be sure to make a reservation right away.  We are a premium venue hire bar in Perth!

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