Raising the Bar on Sustainability

 The past few years have seen sustainability slowly gain momentum. 


This was once thought of as a happy-clappy movement that involved wearing hemp clothes and eating only fruit. We have to say a huge thanks to the Millennials for shaping this new super trend. 

In the advertising and marketing industry, it is common knowledge that this group view sustainability as a key factor in brand buy-in and purchase. This has meant that brands, industries, and businesses have had to adapt to meet new demands. 

The trend of sustainability has spread far-and-wide, and the bar industry has jumped on board. And Perth’s top Beach wedding venue, Coast Port Beach is at the forefront. 

 Now the world’s most sustainable bars also happen to be some of the best. Why? Because these ideas force bartenders and bars to be more creative while caring for the environment at the same time. 


What is Coast Port Beach doing?  


Local Fremantle bar, Coast Port Beach, does a lot of good things and is a great example of total dedication to a cause. 

Many are guilty of not walking the walk, especially when it comes to sustainability. Greenwashing is everywhere…  

Coast Port Beach is not guilty of this.  

The Perth Beach wedding venue’s commitment to sustainable operations — seen most notably in the elimination of plastic straws many years ago, to recycling most of the organic waste it produces in a new trial project, the coastal bar and restaurant is leading the way in the industry.  


Other areas of focus include: 

  • Recycling 100% of glass used (over 2 tonnes per month). 
  • Recycling 100% of cardboard used. 
  • Running on full solar power and returning energy into the grid, every day of the year. 
  • A local leader in the CFC 10c recycling program. 
  • All media is electronic, no brochures are printed, and menus are digital only. 
  • Water stations only provide reusable cups, no plastic water bottles or disposable cups. 

And we must mention that Coast is Western Australia’s only sustainable Festival venue, with no single use cups or plastics, they boast the lowest environmental footprint of any large venue. With over 30 thousand polycarbonate and melamine cups that are reused, especially for large concerts and functions. 

 We could go on and on. 

 As Perth’s top beach wedding venue, Coast has taken the sustainability pledge and integrated it into a system to cover every base at the venue. 


What makes Coast Port Beach a world leader? 


The positive and inspiring sustainability credentials are undisputed. The team at Coast Port Beach does not just see sustainability as a green issue, they believe that sustainability should also be about people. 

The venue runs a second-hand clothing store with clothes bought from various Op Shops, to help reduce the fast fashion trend. They have also begun working with Schweppes to install free filtered water for beachgoers, and rather than sell bottles, offer a re-useable drink bottle for the same price. 

This is a huge refreshing step in the right direction.  


But does it all work?  


Coast Port Beach’s hard work deserves praise, but from a business perspective, do they manage to survive with all the financial investment and extra time needed to keep this machine running? 

In short, yes, it runs very well! 

 The Fremantle bar has become a coastal destination for both locals and tourists in Perth. Catering for large scale events and functions, Perth Sunday sessions, to the everyday Aussie wanting a cold drink on a hot summer’s day.  



Small steps towards a sustainable bar 


While the waterfront Fremantle bar, Coast Port Beach is at the forefront of sustainable practices and make it part of their ethos, starting small is often the first step towards a sustainable bar. 

 You can think about your own experience and find ways to cut down on the time it takes to wash the glasses and dishes each day. Although you may need to purchase more uniform glassware and different racks for washing, it is possible to pack more in each load. This will help the environment, as well as save you money on your water bills. 


You can check your rinse game. While you must rinse the glasses, try to reduce the amount of time that it takes. This adds up over the year. 

Consider everything from a green perspective. If you want to follow Coast’s lead, eliminate as much plastic as you can. Or you could even redesign your menu to price sustainable beverages in a way that encourages customers to order them over those less sustainable. 


So, what can we learn? 


Every bar can learn and benefit a lot from Coast Port Beach’s experience. Their approach to sustainability should be commended. 

They are committed to sustainability, and this is now a major part of their DNA and vision. But not all bars have to go so far. Bars can start by making small changes to be more sustainable. 

All steps, no matter how small, is progress in the right direction: Buying local, using green alternatives, or developing a seasonal drinks program is a great place to start. 

 The Coast Port Beach team see sustainability as more than just the green message and consider their people to be part of the sustainability vision. 

We hope that this trend continues and that the example set by Coast Port Beach will be followed across the hospitality industry. 


Visit Coast Port Beach today and marvel in the backdrop of amazing oceanic views while making environmentally sustainable choices … what better way to spend a Sunday session in Perth? 

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nestled in the dunes of north fremantle, only 5 minutes drive from the fremantle market and iconic cottesloe, coast port beach is one of the best fremantle beachfront restaurants and bars with breathtaking panoramic views of the indian ocean.