The Fundamentals of Wedding Planning

Wedding Plan checklist
Congratulations, you’re about to start planning your wedding! 


To make sure the most thrilling day of your life doesn’t quickly become the most stressful, you’ll want to take your time. By moving slowly and taking your time, you may prevent the procedure from getting too complicated. 

Let’s focus on some of the key elements that you need to settle on in the initial stages of your wedding planning. 

Decide on a Wedding Budget 

The first step in organising a good event is determining how much money you have to spend on it. Although no one likes being forced to stick to a budget, trust us when we say that you actually need one. Setting aside a specific sum for the ceremony, reception, dress, and transportation aspects of your wedding helps to structure the overall plan. It helps you focus, keeps you on target, and if something turns out to be less expensive than you anticipated, allows you to indulge somewhere else. 

A good, sensible budget is essential. You need to work out what areas of the wedding are most important to you and your partner, and make sure you put your money there to start with. If flowers aren’t your thing, don’t use them! Prefer sit-down to stand-up, go for it. Also make sure that you’re being realistic with your vision and never go above what you can afford. Starting out your new life as a married couple with a tonne of debt is less than ideal. 

Don’t forget to keep track of this spending. To stick to your plan and stay on top of it all you’ll need to keep account of your budget the entire way through your wedding planning. For a free wedding budget template, click here. 

At Coast Port Beach, we have a variety of wedding packages to suit the most budget conscious couples. From intimate dinners to lavish receptions, you’ll find exactly what you need here! 

Choose your Wedding Date 

Choosing a wedding date can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be challenging. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding date: 

  1. Consider the season: The time of year you choose to get married can have a big impact on your wedding day. Consider whether you want a spring wedding with blooming flowers, a summer wedding with warm weather, an autumn wedding with changing leaves, or a winter wedding with a rugged up vibe.. 
  2. Check with your important guests: Before choosing a wedding date, check with your VIP guests like immediate family members and best friends to make sure the date works for them. You don’t want to schedule your wedding during a time when they’re unable to attend.  
  3. Look at the calendar: See if there are any major events, holidays, or conflicts that might affect your wedding date. You may want to avoid scheduling your wedding on a day that conflicts with a major holiday or another important event (think sporting finals!). 
  4. Consider your budget: Keep in mind that certain times of the year may be more expensive than others. For example, if you’re planning a wedding during peak wedding season, prices for venues, catering, and other services may be higher. 
  5. Think about your preferences: Ultimately, your wedding day should reflect your preferences as a couple. Consider factors like your favourite time of year, your favourite season, or any special dates that hold significance for you both. 

List all your Wedding Non-Negotiables 

Everyone has different opinions on what’s important and what’s not at a wedding. But only you and your partner can decide what’s important at YOUR wedding. These are the things that make your event special to you and just can’t leave out on the day. 

These important factors will come at the expense of other things at your wedding, for example you might be spirit drinkers and would rather save money by having a cocktail style wedding than having to forgo spirits on the menu.  

Remember no one but you partner has to agree with your non negotiables, this is what makes your wedding, yours. 

Make your Wedding Guest List 

Deciding on your wedding guest list can quickly become the most stressful part of wedding planning. You need to ensure everyone you want is there first, and if there’s space and budget leftover, consider who your parents might like you to invite. 

Often guest lists get tricky, and you’ll need to make some hard decisions. This is easier to do when you categorise your guests into groups, from most to least important, such as immediate family, extended family, close friends, distant old friends, and co-workers. 

Then, think about what friendship/family dynamics work best and will make the event fun and easy, but make sure the emphasis is on your long-lasting relationships. 

Coast Port Beach is a great wedding venue in Perth as we have a maximum capacity of 1000 and many different areas that can be sectioned off for the perfect amount of space, no matter the size of your guest list. No awkward cuts here! 

Pick your Wedding Planner 

Depending on your budget, you may want to consider hiring a wedding planner or coordinator. A professional wedding planner can help you with everything from selecting a venue to managing the day-of logistics. 

At Coast Port Beach, we can provide an event manager who will help ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible without you having to get involved on the day. 

Choose your Wedding Theme 

Choosing a wedding theme can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be overwhelming with so many options to choose from. Here are some tips to help you choose a wedding theme: 

  • Think about your individual taste: Consider the things you and your partner both appreciate and include those components in your theme because your wedding is a reflection of both of you. Do you prefer boho, modern, vintage, beachy or rustic designs? Your alternatives will be made more manageable as a result. 
  • Consider the season: The time of year can have a significant impact on your theme. For instance, a cosy, rustic theme would work well for a winter wedding, while a beach or garden theme might work well for a summer wedding. 
  • Seek inspiration: Pinterest, blogs about weddings, Instagram and magazines are excellent places to find ideas. To help you picture your topic, create a mood board containing photographs you enjoy, this is especially helpful on Pinterest where it will suggest other photos which keep with your theme. 
  • Take into account your wedding venue: It can affect your motif. A glitzy theme can work well for a ballroom wedding, while a boho or rustic theme might work well for a beach wedding. 
  • Maintain coherence: Once you’ve decided on a theme, make sure that all of the wedding’s components, from the invitations to the decorations, are consistent with the overall motif. 

Remember, the most important thing is to choose a theme that you and your partner love and that reflects your personalities. 

Coast Port Beach features 5 dedicated function space within our venue. Each function space contains a different vibe and atmosphere, but all maintain our remarkable Perth ocean view.

Choose your Wedding Venue 

When you’ve decided to host your event at a venue the last thing you want to do is to start googling “venue hire Perth “. Your search will result in a myriad of venues, none of which come close to what you imagined in your vision for your perfect event.  

Here at Coast Port Beach, we can cater for a wide variety of events. From baby showers and birthdays in our casual beer garden, weddings and corporate functions in our restaurant, no matter which space you’re after you’ll have spectacular views overlooking the beautiful ocean. Coast Port Beach truly is a versatile and memorable venue here in Perth. With capacity up to 1000, there really is no limit to the wedding theme you’re thinking of. 

Say I do on the beach with Coast 

Perth’s beach fronts are a beautiful setting for a wedding ceremony. No other Perth venue will offer you the beach wedding of your dreams like Coast Port Beach will. Coast Port Beach is an iconic Perth landmark for private wedding celebrations, with its natural sand dunes and stunning ocean vistas. 

In addition to offering the most beautiful backdrop, when you choose our wedding ceremony package, Coast also takes care of the chairs, signing table, and arbour, including set up and pack down, taking all the work out of your ceremony preparation. 

The ceremony and reception will be held in the same gorgeous location, adding to Coast’s uniqueness, and allowing your guests to relax before and after the wedding. 

Don’t take the chance of spoiling one of the most significant days of your life. For a beautiful and memorable wedding day that you will remember for years to come, reserve your wedding at Coast Port Beach today. 

Coast Port Beach is without a doubt the most iconic wedding venue in Perth. To make an enquiry and book your wedding with us, contact us here. 

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