Thoughtful Little Details That Your Wedding Guests Will Notice

We’re incredibly details-focused here at Coast Port Beach – with a deep understanding of how a few considered, but thoughtful, touches can ensure that everyone at your beachside wedding in Perth has as memorable a day as you.

And really, there’s nothing more considerate than planning for the convenience and comfort of your loved ones on your big day.

It’s the little details that count – and they are what we live for. So, we at Coast Port Beach have put together a little list of ideas to get your creative juices flowing, because to us, there’s nothing more important than helping you enjoy a breathtaking wedding day in Perth.

#1 Transport to your Coast Port Beach wedding

Since many of your treasured guests will likely be travelling from afar to our stunning Fremantle beachside wedding venue, why not organise group transport from a central location, such as the Perth or Mandurah CBDs.

Not only will your loved ones be able to meet and socialise together on the way, but adults will be able to relax and enjoy a few alcoholic beverages at your wedding without worrying about drink-driving.

#2 Organise and prepare a few welcome treats

You can express your love for your guests and show them how much you appreciate them sharing your special wedding day by making goody bags with thoughtful treats, such as bottled water and a personalised hand-held fan. If you have children attending, you can throw in a colouring book with pencils to ensure they have something fun to do during the speeches.

#3 Seasonal comfort stations 

For those planning a summer or winter beachside destination wedding, it pays to plan for weather extremes.

For instance, in summer, when the heat can leave even the most seasoned sun-worshipper melting in a puddle, a few strategically placed tables featuring bottles of icy-cold water, sunglasses and sunscreen may be the go.

In winter, consider those same tables packed with hot-water bottles, blankets and scarves.

#4 Happy feet

We get it, dress shoes aren’t always known for being comfortable or practical.

This is specially so when it comes to making your mark on the dance floor or moving elegantly along the beach.

At Coast Port Beach, we love the idea of positioning a basket of new thongs in varying sizes for guests to wear without inhibition. This will ensure everyone has the opportunity to dance the night away.

#5 Comfortable chairs and placement

Your wedding event, while breathtakingly beautiful, can be a big day for many, especially the elderly and children. It pays to make sure the seating is as comfortable as possible.

Much thought should also go into seating people with similar interests together to ensure everyone has as much fun as possible, even the most shy among us.

Our expert wedding planners in Perth at Coast Port Beach are adept at providing advice on this front.

#6 Keep your guests engaged in what’s happening

Remember to chat with Coast Port Beach’s expert wedding planners or their advice on how to space out your speeches, toasts, cake-cutting and other important wedding reception activities to ensure that, while nothing is rushed, you also don’t fall into the trap of time starting to drag for your guests.

#7 Choose the right DJ

The most successful weddings are those that feature music that guests of all ages and persuasions can boogie to.

Find a DJ who doesn’t mind taking requests and specialises in bringing the perfect vibe to all.

#8 Provide something memorable for everyone  

There’s an art to keeping a lot of people happy – and we at Coast Port Beach know that.

Our wonderfully dedicated wedding planners can advise you best on this.

Whether it’s planning on having the toasts, cake-cutting and first dance earlier, to allow elderly guests to take part before heading home, or providing activities for children, we’ve got your back.

Dietary options for vegetarian and vegan guests are part and parcel of what we do. And today, with so many outstanding non-alcoholic wines, beers and mocktails for non-drinkers, you have so many options at your disposal.

Organising a wedding in Perth? Then be sure to give us a call!

Please contact our friendly team at Coast Port Beach to discuss these and other options for your wedding today.

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