Top Wedding Ideas to End All Wedding Ideas

Unique weddings remain memorable for everyone.


To celebrate an unforgettable wedding, one has to include remarkable and inimitable ideas. These days, couples follow Pinterest and other platforms to keep up with the trends and to get inspired for their big day. So here, the question arises, how do you make your wedding stand out?

We have gathered some unique ideas to make your marriage an eternal moment, for the two love birds and the guests.


Personalised monograms


A little step to make your wedding stand out is by embedding your monogram on every little bit of your wedding ware. The initials of the groom and bride’s name shall have a sophisticated impact on everyone. This minimal detail will make you feel incredibly special on your special day – a feeling you two rightfully deserve.


A creative guestbook – consider our idea


The guestbook comprises good wishes which fill you with love and prestige. Since the guestbook is a sentimental gift for you, thus, you must get creative with it. You can keep it simple or get ingenious by setting up a phone to record electronic wishes. You can also set up a portrait stand for your guests to sign or perhaps, get creative by placing jenga blocks for your guests to sign on. Allow them to build you a wall of wishes!


Include your heritage


The family gets emotional if you put up something which resembles your identity and heritage. This makes your loved ones feel special on your big day. This can include traditional dances, food, ornaments, wardrobe, and so on. Try weaving in family rites on your ‘I do’ day, to outburst emotions that were long felt!


Props to express


Living in this era indulges you to convey your sentiments through various props. Props to strike a pose with hype up the party making it more enjoyable. So prop your photos out by having a fun photobooth.


Seating arrangement


Uplift the surroundings by giving the arrangement a new design that admires your altar more. Take inspiration and angle the sitting arrangements so that everyone will get to have a view without feeling left out!


Love flies – consider this idea of ours 


True love is the real word for the term wedding itself, but one can flourish it in distinct ways. One can unveil the butterflies under the gleaming day or pull out lanterns in the twilight, just to make the literal proverb ‘Love is in the Air,’ come to life!

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