Wedding Trends That Will Take Over 2022

Many couples are eager to enjoy their big day in 2022 after the global halt of traditional weddings over the past two years. As Covid-19 restrictions are eased, larger beach weddings can be held.


So, what has changed?  

2022 couples want to create a memorable day that is creative, personal, and fun. 

Fremantle venue, Coast Port Beach, has some predictions about the trends in weddings that will dominate the industry in 2022. 


Outdoor celebrations

Outdoor weddings are becoming a popular choice for many couples. They can be held in beautiful gardens or on idyllic beaches. Our popular Fremantle venue, Coast Port Beach, are experts in hosting your beach wedding in Perth. Outdoor ceremonies allow you to customise your wedding decor and can host more guests. Marquees are a great option too if you are worried about the weather. But our venue is perfect, as we have different areas to cater for whatever you desire.  


Quality over quantity


In the next few years, smaller weddings are likely to become more common. These times have made us appreciate our smaller social circles. Many couples opt to invite only their closest friends and family, in order to save on money. 


That personal touch 


This is a trend we love! This trend encourages couples to spend time alone after the ceremony to exchange meaningful and personal vows privately. It is often difficult to be alone during a wedding ceremony. So, this is a wonderful way to get 10 minutes to yourself and to enjoy that newly married feeling. 


2022 Bridal styling


Bridal separates

Bridal separates are a great option if you want to get away from traditional wedding dresses. You can customise this style with a tulle or sequinned skirt, or a lace top. The options are endless! 


Bridal suit

No one says that you must wear a gown. Many brides have walked down the aisle wearing stunning white pantsuits or jumpsuits. This is a chic and modern style that we can’t wait to see more brides wearing it in 2022. 


Food glorious food 


Relaxed dining


Couples are now looking for non-traditional ways of serving food, rather than traditional catering options for their wedding reception in Perth There are many options, such as pizza ovens and food trucks that can be sourced locally. It adds a fun, unique element to your event and is sure to delight your guests! Who doesn’t like canapes? 

 If you decide to celebrate your wedding reception in Perth at Port Beach, we have a unique and delicious menu that can deliver an unforgettable dining experience for your guests. We can do it all from beach weddings to intimate cocktail-style or seated formal receptions for hundreds of people. 


Sustainable produce


As we move forward, conscious consumption and carbon footprint will be more important considerations. Weddings are no exception. A priority in our daily lives is to use sustainable, seasonal, and local produce, this trend is now extending to weddings.  

At our exquisite Fremantle venue, Coast Port beach sources the freshest local seasonal ingredients, check out our latest menu for inspiration.  


Social streaming 


As the world moves into a more digital age and wedding sizes shrink, many are opting to live stream their weddings for their families and friends. It might seem odd to some but it’s great for people with overseas family or guests that can’t be there.  


Touches of colour


While white, blush pink, and sage green will always be timeless wedding colours, we’ve noticed that a splash of colour is making an appearance. Couples are discovering new ways to make their wedding special by using colour, whether it be through subtle touches or more vivid arrays. Shades such as tangerine and hydrangea blue, balanced with neutral shades, will also be popular 


Bringing the inside out


You might have noticed the latest trend for ‘Inside Out’ decor for weddings! Chandeliers, drapes, soft furnishings…you name it! Chandeliers hanging above a table brings a sense of romance to your styling or hanging curtains behind the alter at your Perth beach wedding.  


One simple favour


The days of extravagant favours are gradually fading away. It is not necessary to spend a lot on a small gift that will be forgotten or never used. The new trend in wedding cookies is a popular choice for couples. They are customisable to your wedding’s design and easy to take home. And who doesn’t love a sweet treat at night? 


Furr children 


2022 will also see the rise in pet-friendly ceremonies! Many people include their pets in the ceremony, as well as guests of honour. Many services will even take care your pet during your wedding! The cute outfits are not the only thing that are available for dogs. Have you ever seen a dog dressed in a tuxedo or a suit? ADORABLE! 


Weekday weddings


Due to a rise in event demand, many couples now accept that a Thursday wedding is just as important as a Saturday-style event. This gives couples the opportunity to extend their wedding experience for their loved ones. 


Honeymoon local


Because international travel is very uncertain now, many newlyweds are choosing to celebrate their marriage by traveling within their own country. No matter where your travels take you, there’s always a hidden treasure in your own backyard. Honeymoons are just about spending quality time with your loved one and celebrating your relationship, so why not keep it simple.  


Thinking of the Perfect Beach Wedding Destination in Perth?


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