Your Guide to Attending a Summer Wedding

Coast Port Beach has quickly become one of Perth’s favourite wedding venues, and for good reason – it’s a charming location with stunning views and a versatile venue.


It is not surprising that many brides jump at the chance to host their dream wedding on our beautiful beaches. Over the years, we have become experts in all things related to weddings, group parties and functions. When choosing your Perth beach wedding venues, look no further than, Perth Coast Port Beach. We are now ranked as one of the most popular destinations for a beach wedding, so we have decided to share our top tips.


While summer weddings are joyful occasions, they can also be stressful for the couple and their guests. What do you wear?  How should you behave? Don’t worry! This guide will show you the main “dos” and “don’ts” to consider when attending a Perth wedding reception venue.



What to Wear


Go with Light Colours and Materials


For ladies, a light but modest dress will suit the wedding as well as the weather. Dresses are not for you? Try a dressier pair of pants and a solid-coloured blouse or top. Cool colours like green, and blue are great, but why not go pink and orange to fit the bright occasion.


You want clothes that balance comfort, breathability, and formality. Cotton, silk, and linen are both breathable and don’t stick to the skin. Avoid synthetic fibres like nylon and polyester.


And you don’t have to buy something new, why not re-wear an old favourite or try renting something for the occasion.


A tailored suit is a timeless choice for men. Choosing a solid colour pop in the form of a coral or blue blazer will make your look more stylish and sophisticated.



Dress in Layers


Even the hottest summer days can become cool when the sun sets. In case of temperature fluctuations, keep a cardigan, lightweight jacket, or other layers close by. You can also keep this handy in case the AC kicks on indoors.



What NOT to Wear


Knowing what to wear to a summer function starts with knowing how you shouldn’t dress. There are several rules regarding summer wedding fashion, but they all boil down to this: don’t take attention away from the couple getting married and be respectful to others. Also know your Perth wedding venues area, so you can wear suitable clothing.



Colours to Avoid




White is a common summer staple, but unless you are asked to wear a snow-coloured outfit in your invitation, leave it at home. The tradition of saving the colour white for the bride is still kicking, so don’t steal her show.




Black is another colour to be avoided. Black is often associated with sadness or grief in Western culture. Weddings are supposed to be joyful occasions, so even if you think no one will mind, it’s best to go another colour.


Also, dark colours absorb sunlight, causing all that summer heat to intensify. Even if the location of your Perth beach wedding venue is indoors, a few minutes exposed to the sun could cause you to sweat buckets.



The Does and Don’ts of Hats


In churches and formal events such as outdoor weddings, it is a tradition for men to avoid wearing hats and caps. Women often wear hats to make a fashion statement or protect themselves from sunburn. But there are some hats that should be avoided. If you wish to wear a hat, just make sure you keep it modest and that your headwear doesn’t earn its own Facebook page.



Make Sure It Isn’t Too Short


High temperatures are no excuse to wear short dresses and plunging necklines. As the temperatures rise, clothing tends to become shorter. However, even if you’re going to a beach wedding you should be aware of the dress code. Shorts are not permitted unless you have been told otherwise. It’s best to wear lightweight pants or dresses that are the right length.



How to Handle the Heat


Stay Hydrated


Ceremonies are long. The wait for food is even longer. Bring water. Everyone knows water helps keep you cool and can help you avoid heatstroke. Don’t go overboard with the alcohol early on either as it will make any dehydration worse. While beer is great, don’t forget to drink water.



Use Bug Spray, Sunscreen and Deodorant


Attending a Summer Perth wedding venue outdoors is beautiful. However, grassy areas can harbor pests and bugs. To keep pests away, choose an unscented bug spray so you don’t go around smelling like summer camp.


Although it may seem obvious, sunscreen is essential. As the day progresses, the last thing that you want is to get sunburned. The wedding reception venue in Perth is inside the ceremony may happen down on the sand, so be prepared to be exposed for periods of the day.  Plus, you never know when the sun is going to shift, so you might be in full sun for some time.  You can also wear lightweight pants and long sleeves to keep the sun off your skin.


Summer wedding etiquette demands that you remember those around you. You will not be appreciated by other guests if you bring unpleasant as your plus one to a crowded space. Using an invisible deodorant guard against foul odours without leaving white marks on your clothes Consider packing extra clothes in case sweat gets into your clothing.



Keep cool and Collected


Anyone can feel on edge if they are hot, sweaty or uncomfortable. Even if you are feeling the heat, you should still be polite during the ceremony and reception. Do not criticise any aspect of the function. Not only does this make you an ungrateful guest, but your words can easily circle back to your hosts. Even though it might be the thousandth picture of the day, smile and try to make the occasion memorable for your loved ones. Don’t forget to give the hosts a unique gift for their special day!


Summer wedding etiquette doesn’t have to be scary. These tips will help you stay cool, look great, and share the joy with the newlyweds.



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