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We know firsthand that a corporate event in Perth is no walk in the park.

From planning to execution, the list can seem never ending. To bring a successful corporate event in Perth to life, you need the right resources, a good team behind you, creative ideas, but most importantly – you need the right Perth venue.

Before we get into corporate talk, you can explore our five point checklist when choosing a private function venue in Perth in our recent article. 

However, in this article, we discuss what to look for in the nuance of corporate event hire. After all, you need a venue that is not only equipped with what you need to execute the corporate event, but a venue that is strategically designed to inspire and encourage guests. 

The venue needs to be accessible and offer easy parking for corporate guests 

This one goes without saying. You need the venue to be accessible to all patrons. People don’t want to cross seas (usually), climb mountains, hike across deserts  or drive for hours to get to a corporate event. Be sure to select a corporate venue that is easy to get to with public transport (or flights). If the venue is difficult to get to, you may lose attendees. Luckily, Coast Port Beach is a close stride away from Fremantle, Cottesloe and the Perth CBD.

The location needs to be on brand, and match the target audience 

Find a Perth corporate venue that enhances the corporate event, rather than take away from it. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a corporate event that is hosted in a less than desirable location. Your mind naturally makes assumptions about the business, work culture and its people, purely because it is the location you’ve chosen. Think about the image you’re trying to project and find a venue that matches the event objectives, and brand identity. 

Of course, food and beverages need to be on point 

As the afternoon or the evening progresses, your guests need to be well fed, and their thirst will need to be quenched. After a corporate event, food and beverages are ALWAYS a topic of conversation. You don’t want to leave a bad taste in your guests’ mouth right? (No pun intended) You can have a look at our menu here.

Add value with the best technical set-up 

Any corporate event venue needs to have a quality technical set up to ensure your guests get the maximum value that your corporate event intends to provide. Check for sound audio visual equipment, microphones, projectors, stages, WiFi, whiteboards and an AV system. These are just some of the essential facilitates every corporate event needs. The last thing you want is your microphone to stop working, mid-conference. 

Are you looking for the ideal location to host your next corporate event in Perth? We are well-experienced in hosting luncheons, gala dinners, seminars, panel discussions and conferences in Perth. Boasting jaw dropping ocean views, paired with an ambience of opulence, sophistication, and luxury – your guests will be blown away at your corporate event, if you choose Coast.  Chat to us today about our function hire facilities.

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