Our Top 3 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Feast

If there is ONE thing that your wedding in Perth needs, we would have to say it’s a proper feast


Who’s with us? There is no better way to celebrate your most glorious day than with a full-course meal that sends you to another world. Mark the day with special dishes, worthy of the Olympian gods. Nothing beats a feast that pays homage to both your taste palettes, cultures, communities and backgrounds. 

For a wedding in Perth, a feast holds an extra layer of importance, as two families come together to celebrate the bonding of two communities and loved ones.  That is why our team here at Coast Port Beach have put together our 3 best tips for your wedding feast. Bon appétit!

#1 Make sure the venue you choose matches your menu wishes

The wedding venue in Perth you choose is everything. In fact, we recently had a discussion on private function venues.Anyway, when picking a venue, you will need to consider – will your wedding include a buffet or a sit-down dinner? Perhaps you would prefer a reception with finger food? Or BBQ? Whatever your wish list entails, be sure your wedding venue in Perth can match your expectations.

We recommend speaking in great depth with the Perth venue manager. Prepare a list of questions you need addressed and take notes. When you do this, be sure to be clear on your non-negotiables, that will make the elimination process a lot easier.

#2 Request an opportunity to meet the chef 

Once you’ve set your heart on your Perth venue, and are clear on the actual meals you want – a great idea is to organise a meeting with the chef. If you have opted for a wedding package, you will likely have a choice of already prepared menus to choose from. Just be mindful of guests with dietaries and allergies.  

It is important to remember the logistics of feeding a gathering of 100-150 people. It is also important to take the expert advice of the chef. They know best when it comes to what can be served on time, and what would work well for the weather etc. There is plenty of room for creativity and individual flair in a wedding feast, but of course, with a pinch of reality with what can actually be executed on the day. 

#3 Be sure it’s ready

As a rule of thumb, you should have another meeting with your venue in Perth 3 months prior to your wedding. The purpose of this meeting is to have a tasting of the range of dishes that you can choose from. This meeting should include your partner, the executive chef and any other coordinators involved with the big day. Now is your  chance to ask questions, make adjustments and to finalise the feast.

Are you looking for a wedding venue in Perth? Then be sure to get in touch with the venue managers at Coast Port Beach, Perth’s favourite wedding and private function venue. Before you get in touch, be sure to explore our discussion on 2022 wedding trends to look out for. We also talk about awesome ways to spice up your reception. All the best brides and grooms!

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